• The #1st Global Organisation of Green and Social Start-Ups

    IGALELO is part of INCO, the 1st global organisation gathering green and social startups. INCO is the first global consortium for a new economy, inclusive and sustainable. By gathering 9 organizations in 18 countries - France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), Luxembourg, USA (San Francisco, Austin), Chile (Santiago), Israël (Tel Aviv), Hong Kong, the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Morocco (Casablanca), Tunisia (Tunis), Kenya (Lodwar) and South Africa (Cape Town) - and working on 4 activities - investment, incubation, training and media -, INCO creates economic opportunities for all.















    Renshia Manuel

    Renshia comes from Hanover Park and is the mother of three children. She is the founder and director of Growbox. Growbox aims to take basic food nutrition to the people who needs it the most, while fostering the development of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The business provide portable Growboxes to the consumers who do not have sufficient space to grow their own vegetables and supply a wide variety of seedlings and plants in wholesale for various industries.


    About Growbox


    Bongani co-founded the Maboneng Township Arts Experience, a local non-profit that connects families and artists to convert private homes into art galleries and cultural museums. These reimagined homes spark economic empowerment within South Africa’s townships. They have over 100 Gallery Homes registered in 3 cities in South Africa. This gives income opportunities to the guides, families, cooks, security and artists.


    About Maboneng


    Wendy Somlavi

    Wendy is 23 years old. She founded her own recycling business one year ago: a Wheely in a Wheelie. WIAW purpose is to help every South African households separate their organic waste from other waste such as glass, paper and cans, and recycle it. The Wheely in a wheelie is a bag made out of recycled billboards. These bags allow WIAW to convert the organic waste into compost and collect the glass, paper and cans and sell them.


    About Wheely in a Wheelie