Renshia Manuel

    Renshia comes from Hanover Park and is the mother of four children. She is the founder and director of Growbox, which aims to take basic food nutrition to the people who needs it the most, while fostering the development of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The business provide portable Growboxes to the consumers who do not have sufficient space to grow their own vegetables and supply a wide variety of seedlings and plants in wholesale for various industries.


    Bongani co-founded the Maboneng Township Arts Experience, a local non-profit that connects families and artists to convert private homes into art galleries and cultural museums. These reimagined homes spark economic empowerment within South Africa’s townships. They have over 100 Gallery Homes registered in 3 cities in South Africa. This gives income opportunities to the guides, families, cooks, security and artists.


    Wendy Somlavi

    Wendy is 23 years old. She founded her own recycling business one year ago: a Wheely in a Wheelie. WIAW's purpose is to help every South African households separate their organic waste from other waste such as glass, paper and cans, and recycle it. The Wheely in a wheelie is a bag made out of recycled billboards. These bags allow WIAW to convert the organic waste into compost and collect the glass, paper and cans and sell them.



    Silindile Mncube

    Former leader of Let's Do It World in South Africa, Silindile is a great speaker and loves being on stage. After taking part in various entrepreneurship summits, she realised that the main reason people did not want to launch their project was the lack of confidence. She wants to launch a business that will help people gain self-assurance through public speaking skills trainings.


    Lacky Wanana

    Lacky created an online platform to assist students to buy or sell second hand books. Students have been longing for access to an efficient platform to buy and sell their text books, getting the best deals in a transparent way. LulaBooks is committed to providing the best prices possible and help students who cannot afford brand-new school supplies.

    PLACE OF KNOWLEDGE - Malibongwe Dyasi

    Malibongwe is a young entrepreneur who is creating a skills development centre where he can help people from local communities to gain skills and self-confidence. His first project is to organise a 3-month DJ course in Khayelitsha, in order to teach young people to promote themselves as a DJ, as well as to learn how to mix.


    Sons of Africa Projects is led by 7 young men from different countries in Africa. All of them follow the same dreams, empowering disadvantaged people from their communities by teaching them skills that they will be able to reuse in the future, in order to get stable jobs. By focusing on renovation and construction work, Sons of Africa Projects also helps renovating the buildings in their communities in order to create a better environment for everyone to live in.


    Anathi Mncono is a young entrepreneur full of ideas. He created Smarty, the connected suitcase in the objective of designing a smart luggage which will be able to follow the travellers thanks to a Wi-Fi signal. Added to this, the connected suitcase will be able to open by a fingerprint and will also have many more features in order to ease each and every trip.

  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    While women bring a unique insight to our greatest social and environmental challenges, few initiatives exist at the local and global scale to promote women leadership in social entrepreneurship. Mindful of this, Igalelo encourages women to be recognized as entrepreneurs for the creation of their own ventures. To do so, Igalelo organises the South African Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, promoting female social entrepreneurs.

    Selections are driven across 11 other countries and all national winners meet in Paris for the grand final of the Award. This international award aims at supporting women who chose entrepreneurship as a tool of emancipation and an answer to tackle major social and environmental issues within their communities. The 2017 winner was Nonhlanhla Joye from Umgibe Farming Organics.




  • IGALELO is a South African NPO, powered by the INCO Network, the leading social and green startup community, operating in over 20 countries across the world. INCO's ambition is to foster the emergence of a new economy, more inclusive and sustainable.