Empowering South Africa's Future Talents Through Inclusive and Social Entrepreneurship








  • Communities in South Africa are a pool of creative and talented individuals


    Igalelo - "Impact" in Zulu - was founded in South Africa in 2016 with the goal to expand economic opportunities for disadvantaged South African communities to participate in a vibrant, inclusive and diverse economy. Igalelo leverages social businesses and inclusive entrepreneurship as powerful tools to address major inequalities and promote social inclusion. We empower underserved communities struggling with poverty and turn their talents into sustainable income. We help aspiring entrepreneurs by fostering a widespread entrepreneurial culture within their communities. Our model promotes economic sustainability and long-term positive social impact through training and skills development.


    Igalelo is part of INCO, a global consortium that fosters a new generation of entrepreneurs building a new economy.










  • Building Opportunities For Aspiring Entrepreneurs


    South Africa is one of the most stable and economically advanced countries in the African continent. Yet, South African youth faces growing social and economic challenges. Access to quality, livable jobs remains an unmet issue for countless South Africans who often feel discriminated against and excluded. As a nonprofit organization, Igalelo aims to close the opportunity gap through entrepreneurship and workforce development programs that provide South Africans with pathways to economic self-sufficiency.


    Achieving this mission requires a dual focus on:


    • Social Business: We focus our time and resources on businesses carrying out highly impactful projects within their communities.


    • Inclusive Entrepreneurship: We work with and for talented people who lack economic opportunities.


    Igalelo's mission is to close the opportunity divide in South Africa by providing youth with the skills, experience and support that empower them to reach their full potential.